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An Admissions Committee reviews applications and applicants are notified of the decision made (admit, deny, or wait list) by the end of February. Due to the generosity of our funding agencies, FIR is able to provide a substantial amount of financial assistance. Financial assistance is granted on the basis of need to admitted participants, regardless of nationality. Ultimately the cost of attending FIR should be a two-way commitment between the student’s home institution and FIR and we expect applicants to discuss the cost of attendance with their home department or lab, and to request and secure some funding to attend FIR.

Financial Assistance: The admissions process at the Marine Biological Laboratory is need-blind, meaning that we evaluate students on their merits alone, without weighing their financial situations.

Financial assistance will be considered for those admitted students who are in need. Upon acceptance, students will be asked to complete a financial aid request form if they require funding support. Substantial FIR financial aid is available to US and to foreign citizen students.

For more admissions information please contact:

Carol Hamel
Admissions Coordinator
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
T: 508-289-7401
F: 508-289-7931