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All FIRbees and FIR teaching assistants are invited to rediscover Woods Hole this June for our annual reunion symposium weekend at the MBL. We are proud to claim among our ranks 290 leading young researchers and practitioners from around the globe. Our symposium provides world-class networking opportunities with former classmates, FIR faculty members, distinguished guest investigators, and with FIRbees from fifteen other classes.

To be considered as a symposium speaker, please submit a one-page word or text file (not PDF) that includes your name, current affiliation, and FIR class or TA year along with the estimated amount of your travel expenses, the title of your talk, and an abstract of your presentation. Please use one-inch margins on the entire document. Send your abstract as an e-mail attachment to Symposium Coordinator, Dori Mebane.  The abstract submission deadline is April 15, 2014.  Plan for a 10 min presentation.


Topics relevant to reproductive science, and reflecting current research are relevant and encouraged.  Preference will also be given to those presenting outstanding science;  new research topics; first-time presenters; and/or those who have not presented at a recent symposium. Travel funding priority goes to those making presentations, but please know that everyone is welcome to attend the symposium even if we are unable to include your talk on the program.  Those submitting abstracts will be notified about speaker selections by May 7.


We provide lodging and meals in Woods Hole, and typically reimburse full travel expenses for those accepted as presenters.  Funding priority is given to those presenting outstanding science, those presenting new topics, to first time presenters, and those who have not attended recent symposia. These decisions are made based on a review of submitted abstracts.

The symposium will open with the Luigi Mastroianni Memorial Lecture at 6 PM on June 12 to be given by John Neil Bohannon, a contributing correspondent for Science.  The symposium presentations, 10 min each for the class of 2014 and returning FIRbees, will be on June 13 and 14.  The symposium will also feature the Mike McClure Lecture to be given by Blanche Capel of Duke University, our Pioneer Awardee and a lecture given by our Beacon Awardee, Lois Salamonsen of the Prince Henry Institute in Australia.  Other social activities include the boat ride on the evening of June 13 and the closing and awards banquet on the evening of June 14.

17th Annual FIR symposium
June 12-14, 2014